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My name is Kitsune The Fox!
(or just Kitsune)
Also: Kitsune The Derp / KTF / KTD

Welcome to my den!

- I am a furry and tinkerer from Albuquerque, New Mexico New Mexico flag , USA United States flag.
- I use this site to store stuff for myself, but also to share information on projects with other furs and makers.
- You'll find some details on fursuit making around here, as well as electronics for suits and other things.

- If you are an artist that has been sent here to look for a reference, check in the box below!


My mileage tracker.

Personal junk.

Reference(s)! (Kitsune)

Kitsune's Fursuit head tutorial!

PDF of Kitsune's Fursuit head tutorial!

When you find yourself, you find love

Current companies that make stuff I use in projects:

Microcontrollers (ESP8266 & ESP32)
Servos! Servos galore!
Cable management components.
Connectors as well as cabling.

Causes, organizations, and other dreck:

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